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Hi I have a stoma and as you know I have to attach a bag to my skin over the stoma to receive the waste, many times after emptying the bag I feel as though I havent been able to squeeze all the waste out especially if it is stoggy and this makes me feel a little 'dirty' so I now have an empty 125ml bottle in my bathroom cabinet and after empying my bag at night before bed I hold the bag up squeeze the top making a sort of opening I fill the bottle with luke warm water and tip it into the bag refold and sqish it around and empty into the toilet, makes me feel 'clean'.

- John

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Never thought of that thanks
How often do you change your bag and do you do it at same time?

John (not verified)

Hi Colin, generally I change every 2 days but as you know you can have bad days ie itching soreness and I find the best time is after emptying the over night liquid the second time but of course we have no control so it can be hit and miss