Life After Cancer Survivorship IssuesLife After Cancer is Tough

The end of cancer treatment can often feel as difficult as the original diagnosis: only 10% of people are positive and ready to move on when treatment is over. You’re faced with the need to return to ‘normal’ life, when life no longer feels normal.

Survivorship is Rarely Mentioned

There's no national NHS service commissioned to address these issues. In fact, more widely, there’s sparse information on life after cancer. When survivorship is addressed, it is amongst advice on palliative care and prognosis rates. And it is just not appropriate to seek support about life after cancer from people who are still receiving treatment or who have terminal diagnoses.

So we wanted to do something about it.

Mission Remission!

Mission Remission is a digital platform for cancer survivors to share experiences, signpost to relevant services, and advise on practical strategies that help. We now have hundreds of tips and stories, focusing on the positive message that you can feel better after cancer.

All our strategies are shared by cancer survivors themselves. We're run by patients, for patients, with volunteer specialists on hand willing to ensure all information is safe and appropriate. 

In the two years we’ve been running, we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people. Our community is now 10,000 people strong. Over 80% of survivors state reading practical tips improves their wellbeing and our stories and strategies have been voted helpful over 20,000 times.

We're supported by Macmillan and The National Lottery Fund. 

Who We Are

LauraLaura Fulcher – Founder 

Laura is a two times cancer survivor and experienced the black hole of support that exists once treatment finishes herself.

She's a qualified secondary English teacher and has conducted research in community development and parental involvement in education. Over the last five years, she's transferred these skills to the wonderful world of heath. 

She's been a CCG lay member, is a trustee for the Patients Association, leads health data projects from a patient perspective, and has founded projects to develop teacher training in Africa. She speaks regularly at conferences, championing the issues that matter to individuals. 

Laura is a campaigner, writing for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, along with health journals like HSJ and organisations like the Kings Fund.

Here are a few of her pieces on health: 

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LisaLisa Whittleton – Mental Health Specialist

Lisa founded Illuminate in November 2013, recognising through her experience as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Trainer, that there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and disability.

Illuminate supports organisations to better manage mental health and disability in the workplace and supports individuals to manage their own mental wellbeing and sustain meaningful employment.

Lisa delivers workshops to organisations on mental health awareness, disability awareness and resilience. She is an excellent networker and speaker, who sees it her mission to empower organisations and individuals to more effectively manage mental and physical health.

JaneDr Jane Spurgeon - Clinical Advisor 

Jane is a GP and a breast cancer survivor. Since her diagnosis, she's refocused her attentions and now says yes to every opportunity that comes her way!

She has three young daughters and loves running, as you can find out from her tip on Parkrun!

Ryan Pickett – Software Developer

Ryan is a full-stack developer, primarily working on Java backends, with over 10 years of commercial development experience.