Remission issuesMission Remission is the hub for cancer survivors – we share hundreds of inspirational stories and practical strategies to move forward after cancer.

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Who We Are?

We’re a small grassroot community-run charity. We help people by running our online platform, now with over 15,000 community members. We also run local support groups, online discussions, a book club, and our early diagnosis campaign, Something’s Not Right.

All our strategies are shared by cancer survivors themselves, with volunteer specialists on hand willing to ensure all information is safe and appropriate. 

In the four years we’ve been running, we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people. Over 80% of survivors state reading our practical tips improves their well-being and our stories and strategies have been voted helpful over 20,000 times.

There’s so much more we’d like to do, so if you’re in a position to support our work and help more people feel happy, healthy, and independent after cancer, you can do so here.


....Life After Cancer can be Tough

90% of people feel the time after cancer treatment is just as traumatic as the diagnosis. You’re faced with the need to return to ‘normal’ life, when life no longer feels normal. 

What Support is Available?

There's no national NHS service commissioned to address these issues. In fact, more widely, there’s sparse information on life after cancer. When life after cancer is mentioned, it's amongst advice on palliative care and prognosis rates. And it is just not appropriate to seek support about life after cancer from people who are still receiving treatment or who have terminal diagnoses.

So we wanted to do something about it.

Our vision is for everyone to live a happy, healthy, independent life after cancer and we plan to improve the experience of recovery for every cancer survivor in the UK.

Our People


Laura Fulcher – Founder 

As a 2x cancer survivor before the age of 35, Laura experienced the lack of information that exists after treatment finishes herself. So she founded the only national charity dedicated to supporting those recovering from cancer.  

She's a secondary school English teacher and has researched community-building, parental involvement, and narratives for change in education. Over the last six years, she's transferred her skills to the wonderful world of heath.

Since founding Mission Remission, she regularly speaks at conferences and supports health organisations to refocus on what’s actually important: serving people and improving their lives. She’s been a CCG lay member championing patient involvement; a trustee for the Patients Association, leads health data projects from a patient perspective; provides strategy consultancy to trusts, CCGs, and national organisations; and has run international projects in Africa.

She waited fifteen months for her first cancer diagnosis after 9 GP appointments, being repeatedly passed from one department to another and being turned away from A&E. She’s now a passionate health campaigner, writing for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, along with health journals like the HSJ and organisations like the Kings Fund. She also runs Mission Remission’s early diagnosis campaign, Something’s Not Right, calling for policy changes to prevent cancer delays.  For more of her writing, see here.

KasKasmyn Chen - Campaign Analysis, Secretary & Trustee

Kas led the anaylsis for our Something's Not Right early diagnosis campaign. She has spent her NHS career working on patient-centred workstreams. She’s worked on projects examining patients’ relationship with their health data and developing data standards to support patient care. She led the patient workstream for the LHCR core standard and is now the lead analyst for a shared care record system. Kas has two cats and is an expert on coffee machines.


Dr Jane Spurgeon - Clinical Advisor & Trustee

Jane is a GP and a breast cancer survivor. Since her diagnosis, she's refocused her attentions and now says yes to every opportunity that comes her way!

She has three young daughters and loves running, as you can find out from her tip on Parkrun!


Andrew Morgan - Treasurer

Andrew, affectionately known as Morse to most, works for Merrill Lynch and specialises in esoteric global trade transactions. Like his namesake, he's a professional problem solver and in fills his spare time cycling, watching interminably long documentaries, and is a keen plant collector. 


Ryan Pickett – Software Developer & Trustee

Ryan is a full-stack developer, primarily working on Java backends, with over 10 years of commercial development experience.


Lisa Whittleton – Mental Health Advisor

Lisa founded Illuminate in November 2013, recognising through her experience as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Trainer, that there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and disability.

Illuminate supports organisations to better manage mental health and disability in the workplace and supports individuals to manage their own mental wellbeing and sustain meaningful employment.

Lisa delivers workshops to organisations on mental health awareness, disability awareness and resilience. She is an excellent networker and speaker, who sees it her mission to empower organisations and individuals to more effectively manage mental and physical health.