tips after bowel cancer

Submitted by bryjan on Sun, 05/08/2018 - 13:17

Hi there,

I had rectal cancer in 2016 - am British but living in The Netherlands - and treatment was very good although had leakage after op so was in hospital for one month.   Was advised to drink 3 cups of green tea a day - currently survey being done here on the benefits from green tea - and find it helps my stomach in settling. Another tip I have was after the removal of my 'bag' had bouts of pain in  my right side but physio carried out 'kneeding' for 3 sessions and was not troubled again with the pain I had had.

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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in may 2016. Had radiotherapy chemotherapy for six week period went into hospital in July 19 had part of my bowel removed part of my coxic removed and a stoma fitted, came out after two weeks still in extreme pain with the district nurse visiting dail for injections and to change dressings, this continued into September 2016, I started further chemotherapy in November until April 2017, the side effects of the chemo were horrendous, it is now 2018 and I still suffer from numb toes ,fatigue , concentration issues with memory lapses it is getting better but very slowly . Anyone had similar issues or has some advice or cures