Tummy ache constant

Submitted by Patsybon on Fri, 03/08/2018 - 18:44

hi I’m new here,

was diagnosed with bowel cancer, had surgery ( left hemicolectomy)

along with chemo weekly for 26 weeks, now completed ( hooray)

but the tummy ache and the toilet visits continue.

please any tips

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Laura (not verified)

Hello, I don't know about chemo. A year ago after colon surgery for severe diverticulitis, and stoma placcment, and three months later, a take-down/re-connection surgery, I had 6 weeks of severe fecal incontinence. Could not leave the house. I decided to keep a food/poop journal for each day to see what helped me. I eliminated most foods, then got dietary ideas from U Mass Medical Center IBS/D. This diet allows oatmeal as the only grain. I stayed hydrated, tracking my fluids intake too.

Eventually this worked with a few OTC medication tweaks. After surgery, living in the bathroom is common for a while. One of my visiting nurses had Crohn's disease but was in remission; she was very helpful. I've cut way back on wheat. About once a week my digestion is disrupted so I don't go out--just in case. Still learning.


Jake (not verified)


It may be that you have Bile Acid Malabsorption which is very common after this type of surgery. Get referred for a test for this. There are meds or you manage it with diet. I use carob in my porridge and this helps a lot. It won't go away but it can be managed and life gets better.

LauraH (not verified)

Hi - loved reading your post as I got a bowel obstruction due to adhesions and I actually required surgery in the end - this was over 14 years ago now. However in the last few years I have had poor bowel mobility and thought I had obstructions again. Similar to you I had CT scan and nothing to report. However I have been trying various medication from the gastroenterologist and have found something called Linaclotide that helps my mobility - it took a while to work but eventually it has. I still have regular discomfort but its tolerable and I do the same as you - lie on my stomach all night with a hot water bottle.