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Musings after Cancer

SusanMy Philosophy

I believe that fate holds some significance over whether we survive or we don’t. My father had bowel cancer very many years ago in the late 1940s and he lived to be 92, and he even had heart failure in the 1960s. So I try not to dwell on the future and instead feel that the main thing is what can be done to help the person who is suffering after treatment. 

Personally, I got back into socialising with lunches and various other enjoyable events. I am soon to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary (golden!) next month. All I can think is: ‘thank goodness I am still around to enjoy it!’ I’m looking forward to gathering with a few friends for a lovely meal and a couple of glasses of fizz.

Giving Back

I am lucky to have a very positive husband who never looks back at things only forward! I sometimes find this way of thinking quite hard. Together, we decided we would do something good for our community in Eastbourne so joined Eastbourne LIONS, fundraising and helping to distribute funds for local deserving causes. We will be doing this again before Xmas by collecting in our town centre.

Exercise - yoga & walking

Over the last year I’ve begun doing yoga in the morning, bright and early at 6.45AM. I decided to try it as I wanted to do something that would strengthen my body and I would enjoy. I am still a beginner and some things are difficult as I have arthritis in my spine, hips and feet, so am a bit restricted. But if I can’t manage yoga then I’ll go for a walk over the ‘ South Downs’. I even went yesterday and the walk made my body move more easily. Generally, I try to keep as fit and busy as I can -  I live up a hill so every day I climb it!

Exercise does help me forget what I have had wrong with me sometimes. After all, even though my tumour has been removed I still get fractious when I think about what happened to me. But I shall carry on doing enjoyable things for as long as possible.

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Jo Weeks (not verified)

Thank you for this. Very uplifting and inspiring.