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Find Balance

Most lifestyle advice seems to rest on the dreaded ‘M’ word: Moderation. If I received a bottle of wine every time moderation came up with a doctor, I’d be awash with Sauvignon. And very happy.

‘Everything in moderation’: it sounds so dull. While I nod politely when it’s mentioned, my inner demon rolls her eyes. ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. Where’s the fun in that? Everyone knows that too much of a good thing is just wonderful!’ At moderation, I am and always will be unambiguously rubbish.

But looking at moderation of energy, this is a far more achievable goal. Moderation implies balance, by doing too much of one thing, it can seem like it tires you more easily. 

Balance Rest vs. Activity

Intersperse your day with activity and rest time. Of course, rest time could still be activity, just a low intensity occupation, like watching TV, or sitting in the garden enjoying the birdsong. Aim to schedule restful activities after high energy ones.  

Balance Activity Types

Our energy can be separated into different forms: physical activity, emotional activity & mental activity.

Spending the whole day plastering a wall may not be a great idea. Neither would spending a day immersed in emotional tasks, or deeply thought activities. Intersperse your activities types, alternating between each. It’ll allow you to do more in the long run.

Balance ‘Must do’ activities vs. ‘Want to do’ activities

Be kind to yourself. Focusing on ‘must do’ activities can become stressful.

Balance: Me time vs. Time for others

Spending time alone can be one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating things to do, but if others have their helpful hats on, they might not consider you need this space.

Look to create an area at home to provide sanctuary, or plan ‘me-time’ activities. Prioritise this time, as it can be gobbled up by other pressures.

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