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CHELLE WITH FITNESS BUDDYDo you have a Fitness buddy? A partner that you love to workout with? There are so many benefits from exercising with a friend. Here are my top 10 reasons!!!

1 More Motivation 
Working out with a buddy will usually mean you both work harder and will motivate each other through those tough points of a workout.  You can also motivate each other to run faster, lift more or just get to the workout in the first place!

2 More Fun
One of the key elements to forming a habit is making it fun and an enjoyable experience and one of the easiest ways to make fitness fun is to do it with others - You'll enjoy working out as a pair much more and build lasting relationships as a result!

3 More competitive
Friendly competitiveness will encourage you to push each other – bring a friend along to my workout studio and before long you'll be pushing each other to perform that extra rep, punch harder or lift heavier – meaning the pair of you will meet your fitness goals quicker.

4 Learn more
The more you workout, the more you'll discover what works for you, your goals and your enjoyment. Sharing your top tips on exercising, fitness and healthy recipes with friends as you work out, means you'll learn twice as much in a fraction of the time!

5 Spotting and supporting each other
When you're giving your all, it can be easy to lose track of reps – working out with a buddy eliminates this problem as they can keep count for you. You can also keep an eye on each other's form too if you're working out in a gym without a personal trainer to guide you.

6 Save money
There are lots of ways to save money by working out with a pal – for example you could save money on fuel by driving to the sessions together and personal training sessions will be cheaper if you're a pair too!

7 Fewer skipped workouts / accountability
By working out with a friend, you'll be more inclined to stick to your workout programme as you won't want to let your partner in crime down! Why not make a pact at the start of your fitness journey to be accountable to each other – no excuses!

8 Help to achieve your fitness goals
Why not set  a goal together. Sign up for an event – maybe a run, obstacle course race, cycle race, or commit to a certain number of workouts or personal training sessions.This will help keep you on track and will give you both a target to strive towards and smash together.

9 Bring variety to your workouts
Your workout buddy will probably have different skills and knowledge to you – you can benefit from this by the different exercises they have experienced. Also you can incorporate partner exercises into your workout schedule too! Variety is one of the key components of fun, so you're much more likely to stick to your workouts when things are fresh and interesting.

10 Celebrate success together!
You can delight in discussing your successes together and celebrate your achievements together. Maybe with a glass of champers – after all you'll have earnt it with your hard work when you've hit your fitness goals!!

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