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CHELLES HEADSHOTAs a personal trainer, one of the biggest challenges I hear from clients is that they struggle to fit exercise into a very busy lifestyle. It can be so hard these days with work and life commitments to fit in your exercise schedule but we all know how much better exercise can make us here are my top ten tips to help you find time to exercise...

1. Turn your commute into a workout!
Jog, walk or cycle to and from work to help you fit your daily workout in. Running, walking and cycling are all great cardio workouts but also forms of transportation – so kill two birds with one stone and turn your daily commute into your cardio session! Live too far away from your workplace? Get off the bus or train a few stops early or park your car further away to ensure you get that cardio in.

2. Set your alarm early!
I am a morning exerciser, I love the feeling of being able to cross my workout off of my to-do list before my day has even started! There is also less chance of your workout being replaced by other jobs or tasks if it's done first thing in the morning. Lay your workout clothes out the night before, get up and complete your workout early before your brain engages – this will set you up for the day ahead.

3. Sneak in a lunch time workout!
Make use of your lunch break by hitting a local gym, or going for a walk or a run. Not only will this keep you active, but it's also been proven that you are more productive during the afternoon, by getting away from your desk and workplace, than if you were to have lunch at your desk.

4. Workout at work!
Sit on a stability ball to strengthen your core whilst working and keep portable equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands at your desk. You could try 10 bicep curls, 10 shoulder press, 10 tri extensions, 10 squats every hour for example.

5. Take the kids with you!
Invest in a jogger stroller if your children are young and this will help you to get your miles in and get the kids out for some fresh air at the same time. Involve your children in your workout – take them to the park – run with them, make use of any park equipment or use them as weights for doing squats, etc.

6. Make a schedule and stick to it!
Plan your week ahead, say on a Sunday, include exactly when you are going to be working out, what you are going to be doing and for how long. Make sure it's a realistic plan and you will feel amazing once you've achieved it. Book some sessions in with a personal trainer or book into some classes at your local gym – include these in your plan and you will feel accountable to attend the sessions. You are much more likely to stick to the routine if it's planned in advance and you have written it down.

7. Workout smarter!
A ten minute workout is better than not working out at all, and if you're smart with how you workout in that short amount of time, then even better.  Everyone can make time for a ten minute HIIT session or a ten minute jog or walk. Or if you are at the gym, save time with a ten minute cardio/sculpt session on the treadmill – walk on an incline holding dumbbells and do some upper body weight sets at the same time.

8. Take the stairs!
This simple change of habit, instead of taking the lift or escalator, can have excellent health benefits. Taking the stairs will increase your daily calorie burn, will increase general cardiovascular fitness and will develop strength. Start by walking up the stairs, then as you get used to it progress to jogging or running.

9. Fit mini workout challenges into your daily routine!
It's so easy to set a reliable, regular set of fitness activities using daily routine tasks as markers, after a while they will become your routine too, for example:
After brushing your teeth – Do five push ups
Making a cup of tea or coffee – Wall sit whilst kettle is boiling
Before lunch – Do 5 crunches
Before watching a movie – 30 sec plank

Design your own mini workout challenges to fit in with your daily routine and stick to them.

10. Be Yourself!
Maybe you're struggling to find time to exercise because you've not found the right workout style for you. Don't assume you're a runner, just because your best mate is, maybe you would enjoy a boxing workout instead? Find a fitness routine that suits your personality and as you'll be doing exercises that you enjoy, squeezing them in to your day will be so much easier.

Chelle has been a personal trainer for almost ten years. She was diagnosed with Oestrogen positive breast cancer on New Year’s Eve, 2021, and had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. She is happily married, loves rock and metal music and going to as many gigs and festivals as possible.

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