'I'm not shy!'

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I agreed to appear in the Stella McCartney breast cancer awareness campaign a couple of years ago as I have no problem exposing my mastectomy scars. I see it as a reality check for me and others and if it helps remind women to go for their mammograms, then why not?

I’m three years in remission for cancer now after a left breast mastectomy. Prior to that, like many of you reading this, I had to endure the shock and horror of facing whether I would live or die.PHOTO OF MEESH TOPLESS

I decided to face my diagnosis with the same attitude I’ve always had towards life, by kicking the big C to the kerb! I got myself a pert new implant and had the other breast raised as it was dangling near my belt!

The day my treatment finished I consciously chose to give up alcohol. I was relatively fit from walking my dog and visiting the odd gym but drank like a pirate and smoked like Bob Marley!

Being a creative person, I now have more time and energy to really focus on my music projects. I feel as if I’ve gained clarity on who I am and what I’m worth.

Life is what you make it and I’m definitely on a Remission Mission!

Idris Elba supports Stella McCartney breast cancer awareness campaign

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