Reconstruction? O-o

Submitted by Janet on Tue, 05/02/2019 - 09:39

Still struggling to find underwear that can accommodate O-o.

“Little o” suffers from capsular contracture, is rock hard, and skewed around the side a bit, under my arm.  No bra in the world fits.  So-called post-surgery underwear, even expensive ones from the specialists, assume either identical boobs, or uniboob/flat.  But there is nothing for those caught in no-(wo-)man’s land in between.  A year or more before corrective surgery even a possibility.

Currently managing by either sports bra, or “lounge” bra, which is soft and flexible enough to cope with both O-o.

But I’d love it if someone did a softie which was full-area, but thinner, to give “little o” a bit of extra, to even them up.

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