If only they’d diagnosed me earlier

Submitted by Julie Mason on Mon, 16/09/2019 - 21:28

It was my integrative doctor who first informed me that I had the right to sue the NHS for neglect. At the time I was in shock having just received a terminal prognosis and left this grim detail at the back of my mind. 

Almost a year later after recovering from a hysterectomy swiftly followed by harsh chemo (which I quit after round two as they said it wouldn’t cure me anyway), I started to feel stronger both physically and mentally having received my first clear scan. 

An important part of my recovery had been In removing all stress from my life. This included winding down my business and leaving an unhappy marriage. Critical life insurance enabled me to do this but it soon ran out. The comment about suing the NHS became very attractive. I contacted a no win no fee solicitor who agreed I had a strong case and proceeded with the case. 

It has been a time consuming process and I am still awaiting a decision any day now as to whether or not they admit neglect. 

The reason why I share all this is because it furthers my sense of empowerment having taken the reigns of my own healing journey. It has been a full time job costing a lot of money going down the alternative route but choosing to be a victor and not a victim is essential. I now have the excitement of choosing to create my own reality on a day by day basis and I strongly expect a large payout to be part of my future. There is an exhilaration and excitement when living in expectation. That expectation includes a life without cancer here onwards. Day by day I live with gratitude. 

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