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Bothersome Bloody Tests

Rivkaby Rivka Conway

It’s that time of the month that ‘special day’

Is there much more to say?

Chemotherapy pills is the point.

Reminders in a big font

Every month, blood is drawn

Gently waiting in a queue, a ticket torn.

Pills collected.

Blood tests, tissues dissected

Questions; issues clarified

Check for side effects, if any… out!

But if they say I’m cured, no doubt I’ll shout.

Waiting for the chemo doctor, sometimes new

Tell me something else true!

There has been a switch in doctors for six months

Making me feel tense.

Dr K has taken another post

Playing a different host.

See him when time is through

Hope I will remember him, who?

Checked pills given, pharmacy stamped.

Finally we are homeward bound

Of mind, assured and sound.

Taking pills following Nike - just do it!

Faith and hopes lit!

Born and bred in the UK, Rivka combines her life experiences, along with a natural flair and talent for language into writing globally which has featured both nationally and internationally. She has also been involved with PR for a children's cancer charity 'Camp Simcha' UK and is currently writing a book 'Dispelling the Clouds' about her own brain tumuor battle. She can be reached via email at rivkaconway@gmail.com and on Facebook.

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