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Coaching Corner: Sleep Strategies

StephSteph Davies is a coach and a cancer survivor. We're working with Steph to look at some of the common issues you might face after treatment. She offers thoughts and advice developed from her own experiences. Here, we're looking at sleep and a question from our forum...

'Is this just me?' Absolutely not, it happens to the best of us.

As a coach, I believe that we often know our own answers, we simply need a little support to find them and to come up with our own solutions. Below are my thoughts developed from my own personal experience. With this in mind, please take whatever is of value to you. Here are a few exercises and apps that both myself and clients have found helpful.


• In that moment (when you’re unable to sleep), how do you want to feel? Write it down. What one thing could you do to take you closer to this? Write it down. When will you do this? Write it down. Please share what you have written down with me below.

Coaching Cancer Tips

• Writing is a great tool. Write your thoughts, worries and fears down before you go to sleep. Empty your thoughts onto the page.

• If you’re awake at night, focus on your breath, count your breaths if it helps. Take the power out of your thoughts by letting them pass you by.


• Calm has a great selection of fiction sleep stories to relax you before bedtime

• Relax Melodies offer relaxing sounds and sleep meditations. These sounds help you relax and take back control of your sleeping.

Steph is the founder of Life after Cancer which offers individual support through one-to-one coaching, group workshops and support groups, helping you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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Lee (not verified)

Thank you for this , it does help to know your not the only one - going to try the tips and like the sound of Calm