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The Hairy Experts

Your GP and medical team are the first staging post for clinical advice on your hair and scalp. If they’re unable to help, they can refer you on to a dermatologist for expert advice. Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialise in skin, but also skin appendages like nails and hair. As with many non-cancer NHS referrals, you might not see anyone before Christmas, but sometimes if you’re referred by a hospital specialist rather than your GP, this can shorten the wait as you’re already ‘in the system’.

You can also seek advice from trichologists - hair and scalp experts. While not medically qualified, they are certified by the Institute of Trichologists, and follow a 2 year training program. Prices for a consultation vary from £50 up to £95, depending on location and specialist. A list of all trichology clinics can be found on the main webpage.

HeadStrong is a free service run by Breast Cancer Care, a charity run by specially trained volunteers based in 25 centres across the country. They offer a support line and one to one sessions to discuss your hair and scalp needs. Call them on: 0808 800 6000 or email: info@breastcancercare.org.uk

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I had horrible straw hair, and all my GP could suggest was "use conditioner". Ditto when I went to the hospital that treated me. So I searched myself, and came across two helpful centres. Sadly both in London; John Bell and Croyden is an excellent chemist with a trichology expert. She examined my hair minutely, took a medical history, then prescribed their special shampoo and conditioner. You can't get this on NHS, it's expensive - but boy - it worked. I then found St. John's dermatology dept. at Guys Hospital. They hae re-vamped their cancer services, and I am now seen by one of their experts for long term cancer drug side effects. He tells me the truth; he will prescribe medicines for certain hair and skin problems. but then tells me if he thinks a product is better that I have to buy.

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