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Stimulate Hair Growth

There’s evidence to show that hair growth can be supported by a variety of natural supplements, vitamins and prescribed treatments. As always, do not take any of these without consulting your medical team; some have side effects.

Biotin: a supplement for your hair and nails, glowingly recommended by many cancer survivors. Prenatal vitamins also contain biotin and have been found to gee up hair growth.

BioSil: a supplement that encourages the body to make and increase the production of collagen, a protein needed for healthy hair, but also healthy skin, nails, bones, and joints. It makes your skin more elastic, your hair thicker and stronger, and your nails harder. Apparently, you can take both Biotin and BioSil at the same time. There are rare side effects from BioSil which include leg swelling and rashes.

Minoxidil/ Rogaine: For those who’ve had Tamoxifen treatment your hair may continue to thin for as long as you took the drug. So if you were on tamoxifen for 8 months, you will continue to experience hair thinning for 8 months after the treatment ends. Rogaine is messy, but it is a safe and effective way to help reduce the thinning.

Nioxin Hair System: Cancer survivors have recommended the Nioxin hair system shampoo. Apparently, Nioxin is the ‘only partner of trichologists’ (hair specialists). They offer a variety of products that they say are specifically designed for hair loss and renewal. Make sure you look at the ingredients and check with your doctor to ensure they will not irritate your scalp. 

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