New member seeking link with others who have similar experience


I've just read the piece in today's Guardian and it struck so many chords as to what I've been through. My Doctors failed to pick up on the symptoms I repeatedly reported over the course of several years (constipation / bleeding / piles / stomach pains) which resulted in an emergency operation 'Hartmans procedure' for a stage 4 tumour and then 8 months of chemotherapy for a stage 3 cancer. My life has completely changed, I suffer with anxiety now and peripheral neuropathy. I too have felt abandoned by NHS and have been through alot of stress dealing with the trauma of the operation / recovery and chemotherapy. I don't want to go into anymore detail right now as it is painful to recall and could upset my day. But I am interested in linking up with others in the hope we can find ways forward together ❤ 


Hi, like you I have just read the Guardian article which is why/how I signed up. My experience has not been anything like as stressful as yours but I wanted to say I'm sorry you have had so many problems.

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