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Jennifer Jane …

Hello Everyone. My name is Jennifer, I'm 62 and am 22years post Ovarian Cancer. Lucky me, you say! Yes indeed it was pure dumb luck. Originally diagnosed with "irritable bowel syndrome" 2 whole years before a surgeon was preparing me for gall bladder surgery discovered a large "lump" needless to say I still have my gall bladder!  And due to Radical Surgery I still have my life. Pretty straight forward, but not when it comes to the effect/affect it had on my life. Childless, having lost my baby (due to being treated for an infection by a careless GP) I desperately needed some psychological support for having lost my ability to ever have another pregnancy.  Upon returning home post surgery  I found myself grieving for my lost child and have never really gotten over it. Yes, we "must be grateful" for having survived cancer, but there needs to be more psychological support post treatment.


Hello Jennifer Jane, I’m so sorry you’ve been left to grieve for so long. I can’t know your loss but I do understand the need for psychological support following cancer and that “obligation” to be grateful. You know I still say ....” I know I’m supposed to be grateful ......but I don’t feel it.”  They fixed me and saved my life but I was left as it seems you have been to view the devastation alone. 

I sought help, guidance, something from Maggies Centre (often attached to your hospital) and they were on it within days, I had free therapy over 6 weeks. I wasn’t sure that it would be the answer but in my case it changed everything. Please do contact them and have someone hold your hand and help you sort through your new life.

much love K.

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