New to site


Hi, My name is Pam and I am new to this site. Thought I would message to say hello x


Hi Pam. I'm new to the site too


Hi Oliasah and Hi Pam from another newbie ? 


Hi All, I am new also.

I read the newspaper article and thought what a great idea, the treatment may stop but the effects of cancer never really leave, I am some years clear now.

Simply Me

Hi I'm new too, I have been very fortunate with all my treatments and I am in remission. I have accepted that my cancer is incurable but is treatable. I struggle with how to move forward and adjust to life in remission. It feels as if everything but nothing is the same. Jackie

Sue HB

Hi. My name is Sue. I’m new to this site. I just thought I’d say hello ?


Hi. My name is Nicola and I am new to the site  x

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