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Identify your Pitfalls

Remission originates from a French word for absolution. It is linked to the idea of new beginnings: a chance to absolve your past and start afresh. You are reborn, they say.

So try to cast off the burden of anxious dread; or the fury of why you were chosen for cancer. Make decisions for a future that at once seemed uncertain, and learn the new you and how to cope without those irreplaceable body parts.

For many, remission absolves them of the horror of cancer treatment and is the time to find a way to free themselves.

But you can’t do this by ignoring, or forgetting your suffering, your anxieties, or your fears. It is often said that people who avoid certain thoughts or feelings find that they are haunted by them even more. And by avoiding suffering, we avoid joy also. It robs us of the ability to see the world in perspective.

So instead, we find a way to live and find joy despite the effects of cancer.

Have a think about what troubles you. What is it about remission that you find difficult?

By putting this into words, you're able to face it stronger and with more determination. 

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Gail Williams (not verified)

I really struggle financially after cancer, I couldn't go back to my job, so we now have one less income coming in.