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Lack of Convalescence Time

In years gone by there was a time for convalescence and recovery. There were hospitals dedicated to this pursuit that gave those recovering from illness the much-needed protection and time before returning to the world of the healthy.

In our modern world there is no space for this in-between – when you are neither terribly sick, nor healthy. People like to put you in a ‘box’ of classification, and they struggle to understand the concept of convalescence, this dichotomy-breaking world of waiting.  Thus, you might find yourself pretending that you are 100% ‘healthy’ because you do not want to be classified as ‘sick’.  

Purgatory, that temporary domain between Heaven and Hell, seems a perfect analogy for remission. Sinners are sent there to be briefly tortured before rising up to the heavens of health and purity.  It can’t be a terribly enjoyable world to exist in: a realm of waiting and suffering.

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