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Returning to WorkHi team,

For the next two weeks, we’re going to be focusing on work-related advice, stories and strategies. So if you’re thinking of returning to work after cancer, changing your profession, or are just looking for a little inspirations from others in the same boat, do keep a look out on our social media pages!

For those of you who’ve returned to work after cancer, we’d love to hear your advice, stories, strategies, and experiences.

Some thoughts to get you started:

  • Did you experience a wobble after returning to work and how did you deal with it?
  • Did you totally change profession after cancer – what advice would you give to others?
  • What support did you find useful when seeking a new job or returning to an old one?
  • Are you working during the pandemic while shielding? If so, how are you managing?
  • Did you change your working hours and why?
  • Have you found more reward from volunteering nowadays?

It would be great hear from you here on the forum, or drop us an email ?


Hi . In June 2017 I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4 aggressive,I was admitted to hospital on July 4th 2017 , I had chemotherapy until late October 17 . Please if your in the same situation as me don't go back to work to early ,I returned in January 2018 while I was still having my maintenance injections every 8 weeks . In my experience you have to get over 2 things one is the effects of cancer and more so the chemotherapy,at the moment I'm still suffering from chemo fog (forget things) . But in September 2019 I was told I have signs of lymphoma returning and I am now waiting for treatment when the covid 19 ends . All the best to other people out there and don't go back to work too early ,,,Ian


After being diagnosed with cancer last August, having massive insecurities revolving around trusting my workplace to support me, continuing to work (with adjustments) as much as possible throughout fertility treatment, chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, still ongoing immunotherapy and endocrine therapy, being 6 weeks away from working out a phased return to my actual role at work, being thrown into lockdown, furloughed and now facing possible redundancy, I can honestly say I've been through the mill this year!!!!

However, despite it being the worst year of my life and me being an extreme pain in the bum to work with throughout my cancer journey, I can honestly say I have never been closer to a group of people such as those in work EVER! My team and my manager I feel have the kindest, most caring, huge hearts out there. 

My hopes and dreams for the very near future, is that my team and I all escape redundancy so that we can work closer together than we have ever done so before to get our wonderful charity back on track. There is no other place or group of people I'd rather spend my road to recovery with.

I am TERRIFIED about returning to work and know that I still do not have a date to aim for my return due to this horrible coronavirus, but if I'm not made redundant, I know that I have finally found a place where I feel that I belong. My confidence has taken such a huge hit but I know in my heart that this will grow in time if I can stay in my role. Sometimes work after cancer isn't all that scary with the right people around you.


Hi both,

Thanks so much for sharing! If you might be willing to write a little something that we can publish on the Mission Remission platform, that would be fantastic! 

Drop me an email - *** - if so!



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