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Mission Walk & Talk

laura walking
Laura out walking with Hattie

'Mission Walk & Talk' aims to help us all get out there walking and talking again. It’ll improve fitness and build connections.

The ‘Walk & Talk’ Challenge

We’re running a weekly ‘walk and talk’ challenge, whereby we’ll encourage you to walk, hike, or ramble with someone you care about, or someone who inspires you. Whether this is an old friend, family member, idol, changemaker, community leader, or someone who’s helped you in the past.

We’re sharing stories of our own ‘walk and talks’ – and would love to share your stories too!

Find them wherever you get your social media - especially Facebook and Insta stories. 

Online Support

We’re asking for updates from you all, sharing your fitness wins and struggles. This will be through our monthly online catch-ups, social media, and our support emails. (To sign up to the emails, please join our newsletter at the bottom on this page.)

Nordic Walking Classes

We’ll be piloting a monthly Nordic Walking class for 6 months, run by Emma Robertson, a qualified Nordic walking instructor and someone who faces cancer herself. Details on how to join will be coming soon. 

Why are we doing this?

The pandemic has been impossibly hard, and if you’re anything like us, getting back in the world again and finding your mojo feels tricky right now.

We all know how important exercise is to fitness rehab after cancer treatment. Often, the first hurdle to returning to exercise is self-belief – having faith that you *can* do it!

Borrowing faith, resilience, and morale from others helps take the first step. And that’s what we’re here to provide!

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