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Hair Styling


While your hair is re-growing, it might be a great opportunity to experiment with new colours. But at the same time, you want to prevent damage. If your hair has not returned to health, and it doesn’t have the correct protein levels, colouring may result in... unexpected results. Wait until your hair is of good quality, usual advice is to wait until it’s about an inch long, so 2-3 months.

Always do a skin sensitivity test, even if you are using a colour that you’ve used in the past. Your skin will be more sensitive than before. Many cancer survivors suggest natural products, such as henna. Other recommendations are:

  • Daniel Field – provides organic and mineral hair products 
  • Survana – another site that provides organic, chemical-free products 
  • Lush Henna Dye - blended with henna, essential oils and deeply conditioning cocoa butter. 

Style Tips

  • Pinterest is a great resource for post-treatment style ideas. Search for ‘post chemo hair styles’ brings up hundreds of options. 
  • Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder can work as a scalp concealer for thinning hair and bald spots. There are a variety of colour options. Type in ‘hair powder’ to their search bar.
  • Use natural oils which are absorbed by the hair rather than serum based oils which leave it sticky.
  • Pomade is ideal for new hair growth. It is much lighter than wax but still allows you to texture your hair.
  • If you’re using hair gel, choose one with an aloe vera base which will be much more moisturising than more generic types.
  • With thinning hair, use a bun shaper to give the effect of a larger bun on the back of your head.

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