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Banish Boredom

When fatigue strikes, or when sickness descends, or when the black dog of depression leans on your shoulder, it’s good to have some activities up your sleeves to steer away from boredom and the self-reflection that may result.

Pessoa, a Portuguese poet, compared boredom to a castle enclosed by a moat with its drawbridge raised up - like a prison, with no escape. This might be the boredom that we all recognise: the frustration of being trapped by ill health and fatigue with little to do.

It’s good to have a list of activities that require low energy that will stop you feeling bored, unproductive, or lazy (which of course you aren't!)


I'm a fan of the IMDB Top 250 Film Challenge: watching the top-rated films. While this might sound mindless, I've learnt an awful lot as I went along! Still not finished it though...

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