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Nowadays, most organisations offer a dedicated disabled access contact line. It can be difficult to locate this number online – you have to do quite a bit of digging – but when you do, the work pays off.

You can request any requirements you may need. Organisations offer perks such as free ticket upgrades, or selecting the location of your seats. Many offer the PA ticket too.

Some facilities organisations provide are life-changing. Take Glastonbury Festival for example.

Not only is there a dedicated campsite for those with disabilities – with running water, clean toilets, and guarded 24/7 so you can leave valuables inside, but they also provide a shuttle bus, viewing platforms at every stage, disabled toilets across the site and these amazing secret passageways that weave their way through the VIP section so that you can move between stages manageably, and even use the VIP flushing toilets on your way past.

The high dependency unit means that the site caters for those in most need of support – and there are many there who need it. If you want to feel like you’re embracing life to the full again, I can’t recommend another experience highly enough. Go to Glastonbury!


Following chemotherapy, your oncologist will offer advice on the suitability of flying. I took the approach of wearing my old hospital socks in-flight. It gives just enough of the ‘escaped hospital patient’ vogue to cause double-takes.

Much like other organisations, airlines run disabled access contact numbers. If available, they offer free upgrades with more leg room – important following chemotherapy and the consequent threat of blood clots.

If you have a massive drug bag like me, economy airlines also offer free luggage facilities too.

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Marlene Crawford (not verified)

Gosh just read the articles-A legal protection and Apply for support. They gave my spirit a lift straightaway. Applying for Blue Badge cos can walk such a short distance before feeling exhausted. If refused am gonna do what article suggests-keep on appealing. Thank you for being there for us. At times it is a lonely place and a frustrating life . Mission Remission is gonna be a friend to me.