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Survivor Anthems

Cancer Survival Music AnthemsUse Music to Remember

Opening the floodgates of cancer memories is emotionally exhausting. Remembering those moments and the consequent feelings can often leave you wallowing in negative thoughts. Ultimately, spending your days dwelling on your death-defying times might not be the most fruitful. A kinder way to approach this is through music.

Mission Remission HQ Anthems

So we've collated a few songs that connect to our own feelings. That help distract from fear and anxiety, but also help the inconsequential woes of life fall away.

Here's the eclectic five that started it all off: 

  • My Love Took me Down to the River To Silence Me – Little Green Cars
  • Shout – Tears for Fears
  • Marry You – Bruno Mars
  • Defying Gravity – Wicked Musical
  • My Life – Billy Joel

Of course, we're not saying listening to Billy Joel, or musical power ballads is going to fast track happiness; many might well prefer their eyes pulled out to listening to the tones of Bruno Mars. But if you do have a penchant for the eclectic, you can find the full Mission Remission Playlist on Spotify.

And even better, it's an open list, so you can add to it, contributing songs that make you think: 'I can do this!'

If you don't use Spotify, feel free to share some ideas in the comment section below and I'll add them so others can enjoy too. 

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Gail Williams (not verified)

Without music, I'd have been lost, particularly during chemo


"Mr. Blue sky"/E.L.O.
"More than this"/Roxy music
"Let it grow"/Eric Clapton
"Clocks"+"The scientist"/ Coldplay
"Believer"/Imagine dragons
"Disco inferno"/The Trammps
"Airport"/The Motors
"After the fire"/Der Kommissar
"This is the day"/The The
"Human"/Rag'n'bone man
"Love is like oxyjen"/Sweet
"Baker street"+"Right down the line"+"Arthur"/Gerry Rafferty
"Movin' out"/Billy Joel
"My Sharona"/The Knack
"Black magic woman"/Santana
"Round round"/Sugababes
"Watching the detectives"+"Chelsea"+"Oliver's army & "Veronica"/Elvis Costello
~ Twitter ideas from Jess :)

Matt Duffy (not verified)

The Impression That I Get - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Carrie (not verified)

Don’t you worry about a thing by Stevie Wonder