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Hiking again after peripheral neuropathy

My main outdoor hobby since my early 'teens' was walking - mountains, long distance.

But after chemotherapy, I developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet. The pain and burning was so extreme that I could not stand for very long nor walk very far. As I soon learnt, peripheral neuropathy can be life changing and consequences can be devastating to the person, their lifestyle, their family and friends.PN

Fortunately, my Mother-in-Law was a District Nurse and approximately two years after my chemotherapy she told me about a patient with similar problem who was helped by taking Pregabalin. I asked my hospital, who wrote to my GP. The drug at that time was not licenced for peripheral neuropathy but the hospital said it was worth a try.

Now, I take it every day and can walk again! Last year Scafell Pike. This year Snowdon and Wainwright's coast to coast. Plus North Downs every weekend - 6.05 miles in 1hr 49 minutes last Saturday. However, I still cannot stand in one place for long. Recent ‘stand only’ on a commuter train Woking - Waterloo (25 Minutes) left me in tears and unable to walk.

The drug is now prescribed only as a scheduled drug due to addiction problems. There were absolutely none in my case. I can increase and decrease the dose with no problem, according to how much walking I will be doing.

I think people need to have access to reliable information, and also to be aware that different things work for different people. But I hope this helps someone!

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As always, speak to your doctor about drugs and what not!

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GRACE ASHFIELD (not verified)

Where can I get the drug from. I suffer terribly from this side effect. I can hardly walk


Always your GP Grace!

Geraldine (not verified)

My Friend who had neuropathy after her treatment done reflexology and after 4 sessions her neuropathy was gone.

Jane Wooler

I suffer badly too. I feel worse now all treatment is finished! Thanks for the info.