Does it get better?


I've been in remission - if we want to call it that - for nearly a year now and I thought I'd be feeling back to my old self by now. Many ways things are getting worse- more health problems keep cropping up and everyone else expects me to be cheerful and grateful for my survival. I don't feel that at all. 

How far along is everyone from their diagnosis? Does it get better? 



It definitely gets better! It is so trite and cliched but time is such a good healer. 

I found that the first year and a half after cancer were the hardest, then things began to get better. It took my body a long time to recover and it took me a long time to accept I couldn't be quite so spontaneous as I once was, but I got there. It's been over 2 years since chemo finished for me now. It feel like a long time ago. 

You'll get there x


Aw hun yes it does get better. It takes a while for your body to heal and your mind. Difficult to accept your new problems and the new normal of life. 

Laura is right time helps. Keep your head up were all here with you xxx


I'm feeling the same 12 months post treatment.

Think my immune system is shot picking up all sorts of bugs, my grandsons 4 and 7 years like to share theirs with me too.

Finding if I do something physical the next day I'm exhausted have to take a long nap in the afternoon.

Its very frustrating as I just want to get on with things.


Hi Graz 

Recovery is certainly a long and winding road for sure. I have found it really useful on my personal journey to not expect to feel like I may have done before illness. I tend to embrace the new life I am living and recognise that my body has a different perspective than me towards what it should or shouldn’t be doing. 

When I feel tired I rest , when I feel like doing more I go for it .. That advice was given to me by my BMT nurse and has served me well over the last nearly four years ! 

Good luck on your journey back to life. 



Re-reading this post makes me realise that my NHS treatment plan has gone out the window, and I seem to be sliding backwards.  The NHS, doctors, gurus and all keep on saying we should exercise.  Fine in theory, and even though I have osteoporosis so badly that I can't exercise properly on land, in London I was getting weekly hydrotherapy which meant it didn't matter if my legs gave way.  Now I've moved to Oxford, with possibly best NHS pool in UK, and we are rationed - I am not allowed any more.  Consultants are frightened of challenging NHS, and when I try to do this I get stupid responses - or nothing at all.  The pool closes up at 2.30 every time I've been past - a dreadfull waste of an expensive NHS facility.  Any ideas how we could keep this open for those of us who need it? 



I suppose you could try writing to your MP.  Or there should be a PALS group at the hospital - you could look for leaflets, Macmillan may have them.  There must be a lot of people who would benefit from this facility.  It might have to be done by fundraising though.  

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