Feeling low. Need positive stories.


I had Breast cancer in 2011. After chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, I finished all my treatment and all was well. In 2018, I developed a cough and sore shoulder. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (not. Injected with the breast cancer).  I have never smoked and I was shocked. Tumours were found in my bones, lymph nodes, liver and lung. I had chemotherapy and immunotherapy which was groundbreaking and latest scans have shown only scarring in my lungs with everything else clear. However, in the last few weeks, I have been told that I have tumours in my brain and I’ve completed a course of radiotherapy. I have never felt so tired and weak. My mood is low (I’m on steroids) and physically I feel weak. I have 3 young children (one is disabled) and I want to see them grow up. I need to hear positive stories that there is hope. 


Hi ,It really sounds like you have been through so much already. 

There is absolutely always hope , as you have experienced before, your groundbreaking treatment was successful . The team working with you will have started the process to get you to that stage again in your current situation, you can rely on that for sure. 

Have you considered trying your local Maggies Cancer Centre ? They have been very helpful to me on my journey through diagnosis, treatment and beyond . Sometimes chatting to people who understand fully what you are going through can offer a positive view on the way forwards. 

I always have a plan in place to move things along in a positive manner.. Short , Medium and long term goals to achieve. My particular form of therapy is exercise, but if that’s not appropriate you can set goals or targets that you want to achieve for anything . 

When I was in hospital, my plan would be to do a set number of room exercises and find three positive things to post on Facebook.. A very simple plan to achieve. Do whatever works for you. 

I make a list daily of what I want to achieve or change in my life .. I then spend time trying to make those things happen . I literally live one day at a time and then review how that day has gone, but more importantly plan for how I’m going to improve the next one.  

I find having something to look forward to ,be it a week away a month away or whatever starts to make sense of life choices you are making . Having a strategy for change is a great way to get a positivity to your actions .  

One thing for sure is that there is always hope for a brighter future. You just got to believe and have a life plan to keep things moving forwards. 

Good luck . 


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