Submitted by Elaine Pringle on Fri, 18/10/2019 - 10:45

I completed my chemotherapy treatment early in 2015 and have suffered with peripheral neuropathy in my feet ever since.  One way I have found to help relieve the symptoms is to have regular pedicures as they keep your feet in good condition and any areas for concern are spotted early and can be dealt with quickly. Also, the massaging action of a pedicure increases blood circulation around the feet.


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Nick Booth (not verified)

Hi Elaine,

This is a good tip

I've got neuropathy in my hands and feet so I may try this.

Did you try any drugs? I was given pregabalin in 75mg capsules. Not sure they make any difference. I notice I have some old tablets (for another problem) which are a much higher strength. So I think my GP must be quite tentative. (They always start out in tiny doses)