What’s the best thing to happen since end of treatment?


Recovering from your treatment can be a full time job in itself .. I don’t have any less hospital appointments since remission, which has been over a year. The only thing is that those clinic visits aren’t filled with dread, as to what you might be told, unlike in the early days. 

I find myself trying to find positivity in situations that arise.. 

Rediscovering cycling, after a hiatus of thirty years, has been the best thing without doubt that I have got from what potentially was a life limiting diagnosis.. 

Out on my bike, when I feel up to it , just joy from the simple things,sun on your face, the open road with the horizon offering a world of possibilities.. 

What is the best thing to happen in your life since you had the end of treatment or had remission confirmed? 


I'm restoring a classic had to put it on hold until after my treatment, thankfully now got the all clear

Finding that I don't have the energy think the cold weathers not helping could be that my body is using energy to keep me warm.

Taken to wearing thermals.

Roll on spring :) 



Hi Graz 

Great that you are getting into something you enjoy. I think that is absolutely the key to sustainable recovery.

 The cold weather for sure makes things that bit more difficult, I struggle with severe peripheral neuropathy which as a keen cyclist means some days I can’t get out on the bike. I would simply change the activity on those days and head for the warmth of the gym ! 

I’m looking forward to spring too ! 

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