Mission Fitness - first steps

Intro meeting text
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Looking to improve your fitness post cancer, post Covid, and onwards into a healthy future?

Becky Hughes, a qualified cancer exercise specialist personal trainer and cancer survivor, will be running free 40-minute online sessions every fortnight to support you to improve your fitness over 2022. We’d love you to join!

Drop-in Intro

Her first session is on 14th March at 7pm (see Zoom invite at the bottom of the page). 

It will provide an introduction, covering topics including:

  • An overview of exercise guidelines for those who are pre-, on-, and post-treatment (even if treatment was years ago!)
  • How to talk to those around you about exercise - and how to seek their support
  • How to talk to your medical team about exercise - and where to look for help
  • Which professionals are best placed to help you
  • Getting involved in our Walk and Talk challenge
  • What’s next for Becky and how she’ll be supporting Mission Remission and those moving forward form cancer
  • Open Q&A

Fortnightly Drop-ins

Then from 11th April the fortnightly sessions will begin, covering:

  • A mini topic of the fortnight – this may be a frequently asked question, or a bit more detail on what you can do at different stages
  • Share wins and hurdles – we’ll build a community for people to share similar stories and mindsets. We’ll encourage each other to work on our strength and fitness and share any wins and discuss overcoming hurdles.
  • Sharing Walk and Talk successes
  • Review exercise guidelines, if necessary (for new members/people who’d like a reminder)
  • Ask questions – Becky won’t be able to give highly specific advice and won’t be able to give out personalised exercise programmes, but she will happily answer as many questions as possible and, if necessary, connect with people outside of these sessions

(Ongoing dates: 25th April, 9th May, 23rd May, 6th June, 20th June. Invite to follow next month - keep an eye on the newsletter!)

BeckyAbout Becky:

Becky offers face to face personal training sessions in Sussex, plus online programmes for those who are not so local! Although she had started strength training prior to diagnosis, Becky wasn’t a PT at that point – going through her own journey of rehab and recovery, and finding a lack of specialist support available inspired her to qualify in order to help others.