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Adapt your Activities

When facing fatigue, there may be some worth adjusting the way you do an activity. Here are a few quick tips:

Time of Day

We all tend to have a more productive time of day: we’re night owls, early-risers. Schedule the important stuff when you’re least tired.

Beware High Standards!

It sounds ridiculous, but watch out for accomplishing tasks too well. High standards might be forcing you to use excessive energy.

Hoovering every day? My floor gets hoovered twice a month if it’s lucky. Consider reducing your standards so there’s more of you to share around.

Study the Task

Break down all the steps involved in a task. Can you get rid of some of the steps? Or could you spend less time on a step? Play around with the order of a task so you get more mileage for your energy.

Could you achieve the same outcome in an easier way? Could you do the job sitting down? Or use equipment to aid you? You could get a shower seat, or have a bath rather than a shower, or get an electric toothbrush. Personally, I’m an avid fan of the shopping trolley. Cool, cheap, and so many options!

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