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Three Good Things

Every Little Helps

At times, you might need to reflect on pleasure to realise that it’s there.

Plenty of little things might help. 

Before sleep beckons, try picking Three Good Things from your day. A Good Thing could be a pleasure you’ve completed from the pleasure box, an achievement, a good deed, or just about anything that brings you happiness or pleasure.

The idea first came from my aunt – Heather Smith. During a difficult time in life and with two small children to raise, she became dedicatedly optimistic. As the family prepared for bed, they each shared Three Good Things from their day. 

At the end of the week, they’d reflect on their last 7 days and pick the best Three Good Things of the week. Then at the end of the month, they’d pick the Three Good Things across the whole month. Then, they’d pick the most pleasurable things from the whole year.

They focused on all the things that made them proud and happy. It’s an idea that Heather developed for those with chronic health conditions and it certainly helped me. In the early days of remission, Good Things ranged from watching my favourite TV programme, to applying for a job and feeling connected to the world again. I realised there was lots that brought me pleasure, even if it did feel a little silly!3 good things

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