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Foreword: We're currently in the process of agreeing a new batch of Headspace subscriptions, so watch this space!

Mindfulness & Meditation

Our minds are constantly jumping from topic to topic, from thoughts on daily tasks, to work worries, money problems, health frustrations, concerns over social plans, and anxieties about the future. When we have negative thoughts, they act as stones in the 'mind-stream' and it feels like more mental effort is needed to pass them by.

Mindfulness is a way of easing our stream of thought and can help distance you from your fatigue, your health, or current feelings, and just embrace and accept the present situation. The stream of thought becomes less troubled by negative stones and the mind doesn't use so much mental energy. There's a bucket load of evidence showing mindfulness helps in all sorts of areas. For example, it’s found to be an effective management of anxiety and negative thoughts, it improves focus and productivity, and even helps you unwind and get a better night’s sleep. 

Big News Headspace

The exciting news is that we are now collaborating with Headspace, which is an awesome app that offers short meditations every day.

Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, has an amazingly hypnotic voice and he guides you through each meditation. Once you finish the introductory course, Headspace have dedicated courses on lots of different health topics, including cancer.

They’ve done a grand thing and are now supporting our community with twelve months of access to their app - though if you want one, please let us know as there's only a limited number!

To get a subscription:

  1. Make sure you are Registered with Mission Remission and have shared your tips or experiences of life after cancer.
  2. Download the Headspace app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Get a feel for Headspace and complete the free introductory program Take10 -  a series of 10 10-minute meditations.
  4. Drop us an email and we’ll sort out the full 12 month subscription, unlocking hundreds of hours of meditations.
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